Who we are

Flight Free World is a social movement of people from across the globe who are taking action on the climate.   

We run the flight free 2021 campaign in which we encourage people from all over the world to pledge to be flight free in 2021 – and to challenge everyone they know to do the same. We humans are strongly influenced by each other’s behaviour and if enough people take action, change can happen fast.

Everyone from individuals to organisations can help spread the campaign internationally. So far, there are active Flight Free campaigns in the countries below. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in starting the campaign in your own country.

Contact info@flightfree.world for any questions about the international campaign.

Maja Rosén


When me and my neighbour Lotta Hammar launched the Flight Free 2019 campaign here in Sweden, we could never have imagined that it would receive attention worldwide and inspire similar campaigns to get started in several other countries. I now feel very proud to be part of the growing Swedish organisation We Stay on the Ground (Vi håller oss på jorden) and the Flight Free World team. The more I work with this issue, the more I believe in the power of individuals acting together in order to create societal change. In Sweden, the flight norm has started to shift, and in 2019 the number of flights decreased by 4 percent. This has in turn contributed to growing awareness of the climate impact from flying in other countries all over the world and that more and more people choose to go flight free – please join us!
Maja Rosén, We Stay on the Ground, www.westayontheground.org

Anna Hughes

United Kingdom

I’m Anna Hughes, director of Flight Free UK. I’m passionate about reducing my carbon footprint through things like transport, diet and energy, and having not been on a plane for over a decade I’m keen to demonstrate that not flying doesn’t mean not travelling, and it doesn’t make you boring! We Brits fly more than any other nation so I hope the campaign will inspire other people to reduce their carbon footprints and reach that social shift where flying will no longer be the normal thing to do. We have a small and enthusiastic team of eight people all working to spread the flight free message and inspire lots of people to take a year off flying!
Anna Hughes, Flight Free UK, www.flightfree.co.uk.


At Flight Free USA, we raise awareness about the climate emergency. We educate about the climate impacts of air travel. We advocate for personal, cultural, and system divestment from fossil fuels. We promote sustainable lifestyles and aviation alternatives. Many Americans do not realize that climate change is an existential threat, that time is running out, and that flying is the most climate warming activity an individual commonly does. We face powerful corporate fossil fuel interests. We face the challenges of large geographic distances, underdeveloped transit systems and a legacy of poor land planning. We live in a culture of extremes- extreme privilege and waste alongside generations of poverty and inequity. Climate action and environmental justice, now! Only together can we create a livable future! 

The Flight Free USA crew is Ariella Granett- Co-founder, Autumn Raw- Campaigner, Jenny Holmberg- Campaigner, and many other contributors! We’d love to hear from you at info@flightfreeusa.org
Ariella Granett, Flight Free USA, www.flightfree.org.

Jonas Sonnenschein


The Slovenian flight free campaign “Leto brez leta” (year without flight) started in late 2019 with the main aim to bring the topic of climate change and aviation into the public awareness. Leto brez leta is run by volunteers at Umanotera, the Slovenian foundation for sustainable development. Slovenia is a tiny country that likes to portrait itself as green. Tourism is booming, but how people travel here and how Slovenians travel abroad is rarely problematised. We want to change that. The transport system needs an urgent fix and we need pressure and good examples both from the bottom up and from the top down. Therefore, we offer our support to organisations who plan to reduce their business travel, and we participate in the public policy debate around aviation in Slovenia.  Help us fix the system, and visit us by train.
Jonas Sonnenschein, Leto Brez Leta, www.letobrezleta.si.


Flight Free Australia got off the ground in September 2019. We are a small group of Australians concerned about how aviation emissions are impacting global heating. Our goals are to #1 Raise awareness of the climate emergency and aviation’s contribution to global heating, #2 Challenge aviation injustice by building public support at the grass roots, #3 Support policies that rapidly reduce air travel emissions to zero as soon as possible, and #4 Advocate a just transition for aviation workers. The Pledge is our main engagement tool because it’s an immediate climate emergency response, it’s the single largest emissions reduction you can make, it’s an inspiring example to friends and colleagues, and it’s walking the “emergency” talk to government and business. We live in a world where flying is associated with open-mindedness and freedom, where frequent flying is rewarded, and where the aviation industry pretends it is responsibly reducing its emissions. Changing this world is a monumental task. And that challenging reality informs all that we do.
Mark Carter, Flight Free Australia, flightfree.net.au, contact@flightfree.net.au.