We need to talk about aviation

Flying has advantages, but we humans need to stay grounded until we have found a sustainable way to fly. Photo: Ramazan Tokay / Unsplash

If we are to solve the climate crisis, more of us need to fully understand the extent of what we’re up against. The IPCC report from 2018 states clearly that we need to halve our emissions in the coming decade if we are to avoid climate breakdown. We’re currently on course for a 3 degree rise in global temperatures, which would have devastating consequences for all who rely on our planet for survival, human and otherwise. We need to significantly reduce our emissions, quickly. 

But while we can do everything in our own lives to reduce our own emissions, our impact is far greater if we can also influence others to reduce theirs. Talking about the climate crisis is vital if we are to succeed in our fight against climate breakdown. 

Maja Rosén, co-founder of the Flight Free campaign, has written a guide, We need to talk about aviation, drawing on her extensive experience as a campaigner. The guide covers everything from who to talk to, when to talk, how to talk, and what to talk about, to responses to the common counter-arguments you might be met with.