Lara, UK

Hi, My name is Lara and I am 14 years old. I decided to sign the flight free pledge because I think it is important that we work flying out of our day to day lives. I am actually quite scared by others’ responses to Global Warming. One of my friends said they actually don’t care about the environment, leaving me wondering how many people have this view. We cannot really just go and live on Mars when this world becomes unlivable, because we’ll just make Mars unlivable as well. Us being humans, we all try to make the world easier for ourselves to live in. But, I think that actually we should probably try to make the world better to live in, not easier. If people decide they can’t go from the UK to France without flying, then we won’t be able to go next door without driving. That is why I think that we need to stop flying, and that is why I said that I am not going to fly this year, and hopefully ever again.

Lara Sayers
Cardiff, UK

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