Inés, France

I have always felt concerned about our planet, but this turned into crippling eco-anxiety and an overwhelming feeling of inconsistency and helplessness in the last few years. 

Pledging for the second time for a flight-free year is for me a way to stick to my principles, to live in harmony with my wishes for the future and to try to teach by example, because how could I advocate for something I don’t even try to implement in my own life? It’s a way to be (a tiny bit) at peace with myself. 

This pledge has kept me reflecting on how travelling far away is a privilege and challenged me to question inner patterns of thought that made me want to travel just for the sake of travelling as if it was a goal in itself, patterns that sadly seem to be widespread in a society based on competition. But seeing more people committing themselves for others and for the environment is a source of joy and hope for me.

Inés Tomas

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