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Armelle Ferguson

I am taking the flight free pledge, and I won’t be flying at all in 2021.

I like to think that my sustainability story started in a very dull and conventional way. It began on my plate, to then become part of my wardrobe, and finally be a part of my lifestyle.

Working in the fashion industry made me aware of the issue of sustainability, both when it comes to the planet and the people. My commitment to behavioural change has become so strong over time, that it naturally started to spill over in other areas.

What touched me the most is the inequality of impact. I am aware of my relative privilege, but I also found that people who look like me, usually suffer the effects of unsustainable behaviours much more than the people who live where I live now. And yes, I love London, but my heart, my family and my culture are from a different part of the world.

Having the majority of my family living in the Caribbean, it can be a challenge not to see them – also because my home island is a paradise. Still, I also know that not doing anything about the climate emergency would mean that my island will eventually sink and disappear.

Not flying, to me, is not only about abstract numbers and tons of carbon emissions; it’s also about doing everything I can for my culture and my home island to still be there for my children and my grandchildren to enjoy.

I know a lot of people feel that they love the Caribbean and its beautiful islands. So let’s all love the Caribbean enough to avoid contributing to its disappearance. 

Armelle Ferguson
London, UK

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