Antoine, Caroline and Tristan, France

In 2021, we – Caroline, Tristan and Antoine – will be flight-free. For the past year and a half we have been leading a project about how to reduce and minimize our carbon footprint while travelling. 

At the beginning, we took a train from France to the south of Sweden, and then we biked through Sweden to meet some people who are fighting for the climate. Our project would then take us to South America after Sweden. At first, we didn’t want to take a lot of planes to go around the world, so we researched the possibility of taking cargo ships to cross oceans, and to hitchhike on boats. But we still thought that we could take one or two planes if we couldn’t find any other solutions. 

However, after meeting Maja [Maja Rosén from Flight Free World], we chose to change our plan and to become completely flight free! For us, there is no sense in travelling by plane while leading a project about green travel. Moreover, there are so many more fun ways to travel than just going from A to B. So we won’t go as far as South America after all. We found a sailing boat to visit some closer Atlantic islands before coming back to the continent. 🙂 

By using the train, the bike or the boat, we can enjoy the whole journey, instead of the destination only.

Antoine, Caroline and Tristan

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