Spread the campaign

Sunita Soundur, London, UK

The goal of our campaign is to reach out with our message worldwide in order to reduce emissions, change the norm and lay the foundations for a strong climate policy. How are we going to succeed with that? With your help of course! If all of us who have made the pledge help to spread the campaign further, there are no limits to what we can achieve together.

1. Spread the campaign via social media

Print out our flyer or display it on your tablet or phone, take a picture and share it on your social channels together with a text about why you signed up for the campaign. You can also share these links on Facebook and Twitter

Add our Facebook frame to your profile picture by choosing ‘update’ and ‘add frame’. Search for Flight Free 2021 and select how long you want to keep it for.

Jonas Sonnenschein, Slovenia

Follow us on Facebook and invite all your friends to like our page.

2. Share your story

Do you want to share your story with more people? We would like to publish your text on our websites and on our social media channels, as this is a great way to inspire more people to make the pledge. Find our guidelines for stories here.

3. Talk about the campaign

One of the most effective ways to get people to sign up is through a personal invitation. So talk about the campaign and challenge everyone you know to sign up. Or why not go out campaigning in the streets (following pandemic regulations of course)? Our flyers can be downloaded for printing here. We would be happy to receive photos of people who have made the pledge together with our flyer, and of you who recruited them. Please send pictures to info@flightfree.world.

Find out how to talk about aviation here.