Flight Free 2021

Could you be flight free in 2021?

Do you want to do something really positive for the climate together with people from all over the world? Sign up for the Flight Free 2021 campaign and challenge everyone you know to do the same! Together we can reduce emissions, change the norm and lay the foundations for a strong climate policy.

It is possible to register children and other close relatives who do not have their own email address by entering the same email address that you used.

Help us spread the campaign!

Tell everyone you know about your flight free pledge – and challenge them to do the same. There are plenty of ways in which you can help spread the campaign, learn more here.

We will be Flight Free in 2021 – will you?

Jonas Sonnenschein

“Fast travel, instagramable holidays and the like, do not make me happy, so I don’t miss them at all.” Jonas Sonnenschein, Slovenia. Read more.

“Let’s all love the Caribbean enough to avoid contributing to its disappearance.” Armelle Ferguson, London, UK. Read more.

“When individuals join together and shun air travel, industry and the government will need to help deliver solutions.” Katherine Leswing, New Hampshire, USA. Read More.

“I’ve always been conscious of climate issues but it wasn’t until I saw Flight Free UK on BBC Breakfast in August 2019 that I realised the huge environmental impact of flying.” Gope Walker, UK. Read more.

“Doing something different and challenging yourself can feel both scary and awesome at the same time.” Ida Woxlin, Sweden. Read more.

“There are so many things to see and do in the immediate area.” Marcus Gillsjö, Sweden. Read more.

“If that teenager is pledging flight free, who has certainly not seen the world as you have been able to do by now, then you must rethink your priorities.” Elisabeth Dimitras, Greece. Read more.

“I continued to tell myself the harm couldn’t be as bad as I feared, or people wouldn’t carry on flying so much, right?” Daniel, South Coast, UK. Read more.

“It would be easier for me to keep living as usual in my work as a university lecturer and researcher, since travelling and conferences are part of that, but I can no longer keep doing it.” Rikard Wärdig, Sweden. Read more.

“I couldn’t keep flying to beautiful, interesting places knowing that getting there was damaging the future of the environments I was seeing.” Sunita Soundur, UK. Read more.

“I pledge not flying in 2021 because not flying in 2020 made it far better than it would have been.” Josh Spodek, New York City, USA. Read more.

“In the 1970s, while train travel was still the default way of travelling in Europe, I read quite a bit about the environment and decided never again to fly.” Siân Charnley, UK. Read more.